• M- Crete 1200 (25 kg Self leveling underlay bag) single component just add 4.6 liter water and pour, easy installation

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    Generic Type: Polymer modified self-Leveling.


    General Properties: M-Crete 1200 self-leveling underlay is a single bag formula dry mix requiring only addition of water to produce a permanent bonding polymer modified cement underlay for interior installations. M-Crete 1200 can be used to prepare zero tolerance leveled floor for tiles, carpets, epoxy, polyurethane coatings etc. to go on the top. This unique mix does not require a bond coat and allows the installer to apply the product as a self-leveling, or trowel substrate. M-Crete 1200 is not suitable for decorative applications but can be polished.

    Do not freeze.

        Water only – no more additive waste

        Ultra high polymer modification

        Low Oder

        Multiple applications – 1 bag

        Superior performance

        High strength

        Interior application

        Saves time and labour


    Recommended Use: Designed for any non-flexible surface requiring maximum strength cement underlay as well as a resurfacing layer over existing coatings and substrates.

    Not recommended for: Flexible or unstable substrates.

    Colors: White & Grey, pigment packs available.

    Pot life & Cure Times:

    Pot life                               30-60 minutes*


    Seal/Stain application              48 hours


    Light Traffic                         24 hours


     Pot life varies depending on water mix ratio and environmental


    conditions. Note: Cure times vary depending on temperature, humidity, airflow and the water amount mixed with M- Crete 1200.


    Coverage: per 25 KG bag

    4-5 mm self-leveling  coat                         30-35 sq ft

    3-4  mm self-leveling  coat                        40-45 sq ft

    2-3 mm self-leveling  coat                         45-50 sq ft

    Note: Coverage depends on surface porosity and product build.

    Storage Conditions: Moisture free environment at 10-32°C